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Road Life Publications is a company dedicated to helping highway travelers identify truck and travel plazas in a quick and efficient manner. We focus on listing facilities in sequential order as they exist along the highways. We developed the Pocket Truck Stop Guide out of sheer necessity back in 1997 when we got frustrated at not being able to quickly identify where upcoming exits were. When you're traveling down the road at 70mph, in a 65' long rig that weighs up to 80,000 lbs. (or more), you can't just pull off anywhere. Unfortunately, most of the directories we used back then were usually lost somewhere back in the sleeper and they were alphabetical so, all too often, we would find ourselves asking other drivers on the CB radio if they knew where a truck stop was. Of course, many times they came back with wise cracks like, "If it was up you're a## you'd know". So, we decided what the industry needed was a small and inexpensive directory that would list facilities by exit and/or mile marker.

Since, in addition to trucking, we have extensive sales and marketing experience, as well as experience in printing, media and design, we decided to come off the road for six months or so and create this handy little guide. Today, several hundred thousand drivers and highway travelers rely on the Pocket Truck Stop Guide to help them plan their stops each day. We are carried by some of the biggest names in the industry: Barjan, DAS Distributors, J.J. Keller, Werner, Schneider, Pilot Travel Centers, Love's, Iowa 80 and hundreds of others across the nation.

We use comprehensive lists, the Internet and several other sources to update our book on a regular basis. PLUS, we have a toll free number with a dedicated extension exclusively for drivers to advise us of necessary changes we need to make; these are then compiled and incorporated into each subsequent edition. The Pocket Truck Stop Guide: proof that big things really do come in small packages...

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