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Documented Testimonials

I love the truck stop guide. There is no app that can do better. I have used you for over 21 years. Thank you for keeping it updated. 

T. Jensen

I don’t get down to Florida much, but I ended up right smack in the middle of hurricane Ian because it turned east at the last minute. There was no power, no internet, no cell service at all. If it wasn’t for your guide, I don’t know what I would have done.

R. Ellis

I have purchased many of your guides over the years. You produce the best of the best guides hands down.

Rob W. Greensboro NC

I have been using your truck stop guide for 11 years now. It finds truck stops that even my truck GPS can't find. Thank you.

C. Graham

As a wife of a trucker, traveling with him, I’m the navigator. I love your book!!!

Heidi P.

I drive for XPO Logistics. I'm very pleased with the Pocket Truck Stop Guide. Thank you, and keep up the good work.

R. Johnson

I love your guide. I use it every day. Thanks again.

J. Bowers

“You've done a great job with this book. I use it several times during the day.”

L. Cortez

“The Internet's horrible now. A few years back I could find what I was looking for in a heartbeat. Now, it seems like I can't find anything quickly. But I can always rely on your book. Thank you.”

D. Wilkes, O/O for 30 years.