Reach truckers everywhere as your company rides along.

Truckers need to know about you.

Now you can increase sales and build your brand in local, regional, and national markets all at once. You stay in front of your existing customers while attracting new ones. When you consider the length of time your ad stays in force, divided by how many times it's seen, it might as well be free.

A truckers' out-of-pocket expenses on the road are huge. That's why they often go out of their way when they learn about quality services and products, special offers, fair prices and savings. They love finding great businesses that typically only local truckers know about. It's like striking gold when they find a great local restaurant or grocery store with truck parking, a nice clean, quiet hotel with CDL discounts or an excellent repair facility.

After they pretty much quit using CB radios in the '90s, truckers no longer knew about these "hidden gems". They started relying almost entirely on their mobile devices to find businesses. Then the internet started letting them down. That's where we come in.